About Guiders


The Concept

Guiders Consult, is a registered W.L.L Management Consultancy Company under the Egyptian Law, we apply unique designed Business models and services to support Business owners and Entrepreneurs leading their business toward profitability,

as a mater of fact the majority of MSME business owners, building thier decision to start up a business based on a pure technical experience, without considering the commercial part of the business, even in the event of relying on a business consultant to prepare a plan for the business, unfortunately the majority of the owners dosent have enough experience to understand the business plan contents, how to implementation it, and how to measure planning KPIs and business performance development, 

We don’t plan for our customers, we guide them to plan by themselves, and Mentor them during plan implementation,
our unique Consultancy model based on changing traditional consultancy service form analyzing challenges, and planning for customers to helping and guiding customer to plan for their business, understand and participate in getting over business challenges, mentoring them during plan implementation, and that’s by conducting consultancy service through Business Mentoring activities,

Our vision is to generate a healthy profitable layer of Entrepreneurial Startups, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise size of business,

value adding is our MISSION, to guide business decision makers to run their own business in a healthy way, mentoring them to take necessary corrective actions, leading their sales figures to profitability and growth,

Our edge is the business integration and cross selling between different companies and solution providers that cooperate for creating one complete integrated solution.

is a pool of professional Commercial team with a proven track record in Sale, Sales Management, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Relationship Management, and Business Development

Value Proposition